Monday, 27 March 2017

Cute AF embellished shoes

We went shopping a few weeks ago and saw sooo many beautiful shoes. I fell in love with a ton of Betsey Johnson shoes that were utterly adorable but my wallet scoffed at me. I thought 'balls to that! I'll make my own."

I picked up this pair of scuffed heels for a few bucks and polished them up.

Already an improvement but I wanted to turn them into something girly and impractical.

I can't jump in puddles with these... but how stinking cute are they?!?! I showed them to a few foot fetish boys and they agreed that they are mightily adorable.

I used THESE anenome flowers from Petaloo in light pink. The leaves I pulled off of some dollar store silk flowers and then just added a tiny pink bow. I stuck everything on with just a bit of hot glue. 

They might not be  Betsey Johnson's but I LOVE them and think they are totally adorable. They hardly took any time or money at all so if/when they do fall to bits I'm not worried and I can change them up again. 

Next time, more glitter.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

The whys and what-fors

ANOTHER blog Nichola? Geesh!

I know, I know... but there's a good reason for this particular blog. This is crafting for pervy old gals, for my sexy buddies with glue guns, projects for my hawt sparkly girlfriends.

There's a fair number of kiddies that like Pixie Hill, and I've got a few followers who are faint of heart, so I wanted to create a dedicated spot for posting projects of a more frisky/adult nature. Don't worry, I'm not planning on sharing x-rated home movies, just a feel good dose of naughtiness... that also happens to be damned cute.

To be honest, over the past year or so I've been working to get over my insecurities and inhibitions, trying to figure myself out, trying to stir up some positive feminine strength. It's been so much fun, and so overwhelmingly good for me. I hope to encourage that sort of positivity for someone else, or celebrate it with other amazing dirty craft ladies.

Someone left this comment yesterday (talking about our shared affinity for the character Flo, from Alice) which I think kinda sums up what I'm nattering on about...

"I've found another person who can totally appreciate with full gusto the moxy that is Flo - in FLOW with being whoever the fuck she wishes to be. That show was amazing, and in all honesty, there were some truly poignant scenes where Flo and her humanity and utter vulnerability were depicted so beautifully. I'd say she is a damned good role model for women who continue to express themselves as they see fit - and balls to anyone who tries to insult or shut her down for shining in all her animal spotted glory"

AMEN! To all of that.

THAT is what hope to spread here. Not just sexay crafts but Gusto! Moxy! Humanity! Vulnerability! Animal prints!

So, prepare thyself for sexy crafting, my friends! Because believe you me, it's a-comin'.

P.S. If you'd like to contribute a project to this nutty blog, I'm totally open to contributors. Just shoot me a note with your ideas and we'll work something out.

P.P.S. I fucking love you.