Monday, 27 March 2017

Cute AF embellished shoes

We went shopping a few weeks ago and saw sooo many beautiful shoes. I fell in love with a ton of Betsey Johnson shoes that were utterly adorable but my wallet scoffed at me. I thought 'balls to that! I'll make my own."

I picked up this pair of scuffed heels for a few bucks and polished them up.

Already an improvement but I wanted to turn them into something girly and impractical.

I can't jump in puddles with these... but how stinking cute are they?!?! I showed them to a few foot fetish boys and they agreed that they are mightily adorable.

I used THESE anenome flowers from Petaloo in light pink. The leaves I pulled off of some dollar store silk flowers and then just added a tiny pink bow. I stuck everything on with just a bit of hot glue. 

They might not be  Betsey Johnson's but I LOVE them and think they are totally adorable. They hardly took any time or money at all so if/when they do fall to bits I'm not worried and I can change them up again. 

Next time, more glitter.


  1. OMG girl....these are precious. Hmmmmmm, making me rethink some of Gerea's shoes. I should imagine we can make the 17 year olds heart sing a new song with this inspiration. Thanks sweetie