Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Naughty Clothes Pegs, Swears and Humiliation

When I started this blog I mentioned that I've been trying to get over my insecurities and inhibitions and exploring 'me'. Part of my adventure has included talking to people with all sorts of different kinks and fetishes.

The one thing that I've come across a number of times is humiliation or degradation. 

I'm a totally sweary mother fucker. I LOVE swears! But I just cannot bring myself to belittle and demean someone. I'm a total pussy. I just can't do it. And I'm not down with being called names myself...

Ok, maybe there are few names I can deal with...

I'll have you know I did give it the old college try! This fellow was looking for someone to read a script he'd written that contained all sorts of degradation and filthy name calling. I volunteered. I did it. It ain't my thing.

But hey, I'm not the judgy sort! Whatever floats your boat, turns your crank and sets your sails. In fact, I've come up with a sheet of Naughty Names that you can download if that's your thing. Just pop down to the bottom of this post to download it.

They're sort of perfect for making naughty clothespegs for pinching your dirty little sub... or just because they're useful and sweary (just like me!)

Whatever your reason, whatever you dirty little heart desires, I hope you have plenty of fun with it. Enjoy!


  1. Lmao! Wow! I can see my office memos now hahahahahaha! Well maybe not but I love these haha!

  2. You missed fuck stick btw. One of our favs here lolol

  3. There are times when nothing will do but a really good swear word. Several strung together are even better. One of the nice things about swear words is that they don't have to make sense. They just need to be spoken with passion and conviction.